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Velocity, to the Power of Three


We’ve attended Velocity many times, but this year its theme resonates more than ever. “Build resilient systems at scale”: it’s something we’ve done with real-time monitoring from the get-go, but we never imagined we’d be a part of a powerful alliance that can cover so much ground managing the complexity of dynamic cloud infrastructure under one roof.

You’ve heard it everywhere:


Now, swing by SolarWinds Cloud booth #615 to see how it all comes together. Chat with our co-founders and engineers, see demos of Librato, Pingdom and Papertrail, and ask every question you’ve wanted to ask since you’ve heard the news of our joining forces. There’ll be swag too, including T-shirts, and you can sign up for a free account with any or all of the three solutions:

  • Pingdom: web performance management
    Alerts and insight into website uptime, performance, experience and transactions
  • Papertrail: log management
    Instant log visibility across all systems, letting you collect, monitor, search, interpret and act on log data generated by cloud infrastructure and applications
  • Librato: real-time monitoring
    Enables you to collect, correlate, visualize, and alert on time series metrics from any source

No other offering brings all of these capabilities together, so take advantage of the opportunity to learn from the very people who made it happen. Our booth is also brimming with DevOps and continuous delivery veterans, excited to chat about anything you might be interested in.

See you in Santa Clara!