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New Feature: Themed Integrations

Our turn-key integrations offer some exceptional benefits: Librato will automagically create multiple Spaces filled with charts to help you understand how your services are behaving. As your team’s utilization of Librato grows and you start creating your own Spaces, you’ll notice that it becomes difficult to visually distinguish between the Spaces you’ve created and the Spaces we’ve created for your integrations. Today, we introduce themed integrations which will make it easier (and prettier) than ever to distinguish between the two.

Those of you using our AWS and Heroku integrations will notice some changes to your Spaces home page. In both the list view and the recents/favorites view your preconfigured integrations are themed with the partner’s brand color and icon.


We've also extended the integration themes to your individual Space title bar:


We hope you'll enjoy these new features, and don't forget to stay tuned to this space for upcoming Spaces features.