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Spaces is Live!


We are delighted to let you know that our new UI, Spaces, has officially launched today. It is a result of Librato’s unique collective experience in the world of metrics and real-time monitoring, as well as years of hard work and keeping pulse on our customers’ needs and desires. We view Spaces not only as a massive upgrade for our users, but a huge step towards our vision of the future of monitoring and interactive data visualization/analysis.

Spaces is a complete redesign of our interface for exploring your data and building custom visualizations. We’re grateful to our beta customers for their priceless input and help during all the months and efforts leading up to this. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve continually made many subtle but important improvements that contributed to the final product.

From today forward, all new Librato users will experience Spaces as their only interface from the moment they sign up. Meanwhile, our existing users will still be able to toggle between Spaces and our original UI (now affectionately referred to as Librato Classic). We’ll communicate our plans to sunset Librato Classic in the future; rest assured we’ll provide plenty of notice.

Spaces makes its public debut at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit in San Francisco today. Attendees will be able to meet our engineers, and learn more about why Richard Crowley, Director of Operations at Slack, called Spaces "the fastest way to derive something enlightening from your data”.

Spaces features:

  • Fast and effortless chart building and management. Charts are built directly in the workspace, with intuitive drag-and-resize manipulation.

  • Unprecedented elegance. High-contrast, grid-based, with enhanced time window controls - including the ability to scan back and forward in time.

  • Superior collaboration features. Favorite your most important spaces for easy access, save dynamic sources for quicker switching, share easily with improved snapshots.

and much more.

Stay tuned to our blog for more detail, and don’t hesitate to give Spaces a try: it is completely free for 30 days, and highly enjoyable.