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SF Metrics Meetup: Data Analytics at Bleacher Report | Best Practices for Alerting

Nik Wekwerth

The October 2014 Meetup was hosted by our friends at Heavybit Industries. Featured speakers were Jory Ruscio from Bleacher Report and Dave Josephsen from Librato. 

Data Analytics at Bleacher Report: A Whole New Ball Game

Jory Ruscio, Bleacher Report

In five years, Bleacher Report went from a small start-up to a Turner Sports property and is currently the second most trafficked US sports website, only behind ESPN. Their tremendous growth is due in part to their focus on analytics and making data-driven decisions. At over 80 million unique visitors a month, they found that traditional solutions would not scale to satisfy their long-term storage and real-time analytics requirements. In this session, Jory Ruscio, a Senior Software Engineer at Bleacher Report, covers how they integrated several AWS technologies (e.g. DynamoDB, Redshift and EMR) into their data-analytics pipeline to provide a robust and cost-effective solution that enables them to better personalize the user experience for their sports media platform.

Signal Through the Noise: Best Practices for Alerting

Dave Josephsen, Librato

In recent years it’s become evident that alerting is one of the biggest challenges facing modern Operations Engineers. Conference talks, hallways tracks, Meetups, etc are rife with discussions about poor signal/noise in alerts, fatigue from false positives, and general lack of actionability. 
In this talk (informed by real-world experience designing, building and maintaining a distributed, multi-tenant metrics/alerting service) Dave Josephsen, Developer Evangelist at Librato, takes a fundamental approach and examines alerting requirements and practices in the abstract. He puts forth a comprehensive abstract model with best practices that should be followed and implemented by your team regardless of your tool of choice.

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