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Take a Closer Look with Quick Zoom


Our recently released Explore View is a great way to get a better (and larger) understanding of what your data is trying to tell you. Now, what if you saw something really interesting - say, a series of spikes in your EC2 dashboard - wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to figure out what the time range was and manually adjust to get there? Well, by-golly, now you can!

Today we are introducing a companion feature to Explore View which lets you dig into specific times in your data with more precision and less detective work.

See something interesting? Just click and drag on any chart to zoom into that section of time. When zooming on a Space, all charts will update to your selected time window:


This makes correlating interesting changes with related charts a snap. After investigating something, just click the 'Revert time range' button to get back to the time window you started from:

You can also zoom in Explore View:


We are always looking for ways to make investigating your data quicker and more precise. We find quick zoom very useful and hope you will too. 

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