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Public Spaces: Share Your Space with Anyone


Our customers have Spaces. Lots of them. They spend time and energy building beautiful graphs, and for most, a Space is a gauge of mission-critical business components. This is a good thing, and like all good things it should be shared.

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Public Spaces.

Creating a Public Space

You can share a Space by clicking the share icon near the title of the Space.


Add a descriptive title for the share link, e.g., CA Office: Screen 1, if you want to display your Space on a TV display inside the office, or Link for Executive Team if you want to show your metrics to someone outside of your IT group. The title identifies the intent of the share for yourself and your team. Use good descriptions so you are not kicking yourself six months from now.


Locking a Public Space to a Dynamic Source

We now give you the option to lock your Public Space to a specific dynamic source. Once a public link is locked to a specific source, viewers are unable to change the source of the space.

Uncheck to allow viewers to set any dynamic source.


Revoking a Public Link

Revoke a public link at any time. Once a public link is revoked users may not load your public space and the public space stops working.


Reviewing History

Would you like to know who created a public link to a Space and when the link was created? The share history view shows public links to your Space. Each entry shows the name of the person that created the link and the date they created the link. Revoked links show the name of the revoker and the date he or she revoked the link.



Spaces show the things you care about. Share them with others who might care about them too - they will see everything you want them to see, and you won’t be exposing your Spaces to the risk of unwanted edits.

We hope you find the new Public Spaces UI useful within your organization. For more recent improvements to our UI, check out new features on Librato’s blog.