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Introducing Per-Stream Attributes


In support of our recent composite metrics public-beta, we’ve rolled-out some significant enhancements to our instrument interface. These changes add a scoping layer to metrics properties, which makes it possible to maintain different properties for the same metric in different instruments.

Top-level metric properties are set using the gears icon in the metrics section of the site.  These properties control things like the Y-axis label and period of the metric. They are set on the metric itself, and will stick to the metric, becoming the default display properties when it is added to an instrument later.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 1.37.03 PM.png

If you add the metric to an instrument, you’ll notice that you now have a gears icon to the right of the metric, and another that appears below when you check one or more of the metrics listed in the instrument.

These buttons allow you to configure the same attributes like y-axis label and display period, but these changes will only apply to the metric for the purpose of its use in this particular instrument. If you don’t configure the instrument-level properties for the metric stream, they will be inherited from the top-level metric properties. If you set them, they will override the top-level metric properties in the context of this instrument.

It’s often handy to override the properties of a metric when you want to separate one source from the others, or transforming y-axis units from one type to another (like bits to bytes or Fahrenheit to Celsius).  You could also it use for things like putting human-readable labels on a composite metric or creating “zoomed-in” versions of base-0 instruments.

However you use it, we think you’ll find the flexibility inherent in modifying these display-time attributes quite helpful whenever you need to visualize a metric in a different way without modifying its behavior sitewide. As always, we appreciate your feedback, let us know if you like what you see, or would like us to consider a modification or new feature.