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Announcing: Librato Office-Hours

We Should Hang Out.

If you could have lunch once a month with the engineers behind the SaaS applications you rely on, what would you talk with them about?  Would you discuss interface design, or poke them about a support request?  Would you use the forum to brainstorm about new ideas, and furthering the state of the art in their particular domain? Would you ask about how other people are solving common use-cases with their product?  

As SaaS customers ourselves, we’ve often felt the same way, so we’re setting up a monthly office-hours hangout, where you can join us to ask questions, voice gripes, and pontificate on monitoring in general.

So consider yourself invited to hangout with us (or lurk the live stream) on the first Wednesday of every month at 12pm PST/ 2pm Central.  We’ll be prepared to field support questions, give status updates on feature requests, and chat about monitoring, chatops, continuous integration/deployment, coffee, metrics driven development, Saas, and anything else that might come up (though, one wonders what else anyone could possibly want to talk about).  

Our first hangout will take place on Wednesday, June 4th, at 12pm PST. We’ll tweet the hangout URL a few hours before the hangout begins.  Hope to see you there!