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Unite your .NET App with Librato and AppHarbor


Once upon a time scaling your .NET application meant servers, system software, and configuration, but AppHarbor's PaaS has changed all that for you. Now scaling your application means dragging a few sliders around, leaving you to focus on what's important; your app. But with the platform abstracted away, how can you glean the operational metrics and performance data you need to make cost-effective use of those sliders? Without any control over the stack, how can you get the monitoring you want?

With Librato’s new AppHarbor integration, you’ll no longer spend countless hours wondering how well your PaaS is working or whether you are getting your money’s worth. With the push of a button the Librato add-on gives you beautiful dashboards overflowing with real-time performance data.

With drop-in support for .NET, users will have custom application metrics streaming into Librato in minutes. For deeper analysis, you can build tailored charts/dashboards, annotate them with one-time events, and set threshold-based alerts. The robust set of features provides immediate insight into how well your PaaS is working:

  • No agent required
  • Monitor any custom metrics
  • Easily aggregate metrics from any number of processes
  • Alert on aberrant data
  • Annotate your graphs to provide content to other engineers
  • Collaborate using PagerDuty, Campfire, HipChat, and others

"We’re excited to offer the Librato add-on to our customers. It's going to be a game changer for companies deploying .NET applications”, explains Rune Sørensen, CEO of AppHarbor. "Together with Librato, we are providing application developers not only the ability to track custom metrics but also invaluable insight into their worker behavior and performance."

The integration takes just a few minutes.  First, go to the Librato AppHarbor add-on page, select your desired plan, then select the application you want to add it to. After successful provisioning, the AppHarbor native log-based metrics will automatically begin flowing into your Librato account and into a dashboard we have pre-configured to provide an overview of your application performance and worker resource consumption. You will have the ability to publish your own custom metrics by simply logging to the Trace Log or using the light-weight Metric Reporter.

Get started here.