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Librato and SolarWinds Joining Forces

At Librato we’ve always had a big vision. We believe that as the world moves towards web-scale applications, continuous deployment and intelligent, internet-connected devices, the ability to capture, analyze, query and act on time-series data in real time becomes mission-critical for every organization. We also believe that when a need becomes this universal and data volumes this big, the best answer is a scalable, application agnostic platform with open APIs and an active user community. It allows organizations to extract the most value from their data and to have access to a broad range of application-specific solutions.

This is the mission we’ve been on for the past 3.5 years and we’ve made tremendous progress. We have built the industry’s most powerful hosted monitoring platform, leveraging a comprehensive, user-friendly API and an innovative visualization experience. We have an active, enthusiastic and growing community of users who have added Librato support to almost one hundred open source data collection tools. At the same time, we’ve developed and released turnkey solutions for Amazon AWS, Heroku, AppHarbor, and collectd to help users gain new insights into their cloud-based applications, systems and services. We have thousands of users, covering a wide array of industries and roles, for whom our service plays an essential role in their daily jobs.

Still, there is a lot more work ahead of us, to further develop our platform capabilities and to expand our ecosystem of solutions. We also need to build out our marketing and sales efforts, to let us reach more people and show them how our solutions can help them be more successful.

In order to help accomplish these goals, we are excited to announce today that we have joined forces with SolarWinds, a leading provider of IT performance management products with over 150,000 customers. When SolarWinds approached us a few months ago, it quickly became clear that we share a common vision. SolarWinds is rapidly expanding its offering of cloud-based (SaaS) IT management services, with a strong emphasis on building an extensive portfolio of products around a common platform. As part of SolarWinds, we will have the resources to innovate faster than ever before, expand our integrations with new and exciting partnerships and continue to serve our existing and new customers with the same great product and support.

I am proud of our team for accomplishing amazing results with minimal resources, and grateful to our customers who, through the confidence they placed in us and the feedback they provided, helped us to continuously make Librato better. We will continue to amaze you as part of SolarWinds. Hold on to your hats!

Frequently Asked Questions


Why did Librato decide to join SolarWinds?

First and foremost, our company visions are aligned. SolarWinds is committed to, and has the resources and the global reach to help accelerate Librato’s evolution. As part of SolarWinds, we will have the ability to innovate faster than before, and expand our integrations with new and exciting partnerships.

SolarWinds provides powerful and affordable IT performance management software to customers worldwide, from Fortune 500 enterprises to small businesses. Like Librato, SolarWinds is committed to innovation, with the objective to offer best in class solutions to monitor and manage cloud-based applications and infrastructures.  

Will Librato continue to innovate at the same pace as before?

A primary reason we joined with SolarWinds was the opportunity to improve upon the pace of innovation that we’ve set. With greater resources and more great minds looking at our customer needs, we’re confident that we can deliver new integrations and product improvements as we always have.

How will the acquisition benefit Librato customers?

Our customers will benefit from continued improvements to the existing product, a broader range of integrations, and a richer set of offerings for IT infrastructure.

What will happen with the Librato organization I am used to working with?

This new partnership will help us continue to serve our new and existing customers with the same great product and support. Joining SolarWinds will only help us better our product and have the resources to innovate faster than ever before. All Librato employees have continued on in their similar roles as part of the acquisition.  And, we’re hiring!  Keep on eye on this page for upcoming job openings.