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Introducing Explore View


My friend (and our CTO) Joe Ruscio recently wrote:

Metrics-driven development reduces the risk change poses to system performance while simultaneously increasing the frequency you can iterate through development/deployment cycles.

We are always working to increase the frequency of iteration and lower the time-to-deploy after issues arise. You have to know what the problem is before you can fix it, so being able to diagnose anomalies quickly is the first step in accelerating that process.

Seeing all of your metrics together in one place is extremely useful for spotting anomalies across your infrastructure. Once those anomalies are found, it should be as simple as possible for you to dig deeper and find correlations between metrics to find the source of your issues.

We're making that a little easier for you and your team. I'm very pleased to share with you a new feature that we've been working hard on: explore view.

Perhaps you see a spike on your AWS EC2 space and want to take a closer look. Now you can!

To view a larger version of a chart, and narrow what you are seeing by toggling metrics on and off, just click "Explore…" in the chart menu. You can also get to this view by double-clicking a chart:

This is just one more way that we're increasing the visibility of your data. If you haven't tried Librato yet, sign up for a free 30-day trial, and follow the data.