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Heroku Shared Add-ons

Since 2013 we’ve offered Librato as an add-on for Heroku. Librato offers the fastest, easiest way to monitor the performance of your apps on Heroku. Previously, if you had multiple Heroku apps, it was necessary to attach a separate Librato add-on to each app. No longer! You can now attach as many Heroku apps as you’d like to a single Librato add-on. You’ll be able to view metrics from all your different apps right in the same Librato account.

In addition, since all of your apps share a single add-on, if you ever need to upgrade or downgrade to a different sized plan, you only need to make a change in one place. We hope you'll enjoy this new streamlined workflow.

Give shared add-ons a spin by attaching all your Heroku apps to Librato. Let us know how it goes: support@librato.com.