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Filtering EC2 and EBS Metrics

We've had a lot of requests from users looking for a way to filter the metrics Librato collects from CloudWatch. We're very pleased to announce the immediate availability of this new feature for EC2 and EBS service types.

In order to use this feature you'll first need to apply the following tag to any EC2 or EBS resources that you want to filter. This AWS document explains how to add tags to your EC2 resources groups.




In your Librato CloudWatch integration, you'll now see a new input toggle next to the EC2 and EBS service types (when checked). The default state is all, which is to collect all resource metrics from CloudWatch for the respective service type. If you click on the link it will toggle to filtered, which means it will whitelist only those metrics from resources with the tag applied.

This feature helps you limit the metrics that you wish to pull into Librato. We'll continue to evaluate other service types for filtering as Amazon adds tagging support to them.

For more information on CloudWatch, check out our Knowledge Base articles. And as always, if you still have questions about this or any of our services, you can find us online in our support chat or email us at