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Do More with Explore

This summer we released Explore View to help you get more insight into your data by allowing you to see a larger version of a chart at a glance. Starting today, Explore is getting a big upgrade, including the ability to rapidly build new charts using existing charts as a base. Here is how.

Add Comparison Metrics

You can add other metrics to the chart to correlate data. This means any existing chart can be a quick starting place for diving into new comparisons and correlations.

Save Chart

After getting to the perfect view, what if you want to keep it? Now you can. With Explore, you can save the changes you’ve made back to the chart you started from, or use any chart as the starting place for a new chart.

Edit Stream Attributes

Now you can edit the attributes of any stream from Explore View. This will allow you to break out axes, customize units and colors, and otherwise tweak the chart to be exactly what you need.

Bulk Select Streams

Just like in the chart edit screen, you can bulk-select streams to remove them, or to make changes to source, group and summary functions en masse.

We hope you enjoy these upgrades to Explore View. As always we want your feedback - let us know what you think or how we can further improve Explore for you: