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New Feature: Copy Spaces

Sometimes it’s best to not start from scratch. We know you’ve thoughtfully created your Spaces. It takes time, and we want you to be efficient. Have you ever wanted to tweak a preconfigured integration Space (like Heroku or AWS), or fork one of your own Spaces, only to find you’ll have to build the entire Space from scratch? We didn’t like that either. Starting today, you can actually copy your Spaces. 

The Share menu in the Space header now contains an additional button, allowing you to copy the Space. Give the copied Space a name, and you’re good to go.


On the Spaces index page, you will find Copy Space in the drop down menu, both on the Space rows and Recents/Favorites cards. You may optionally check the Open Space on completion box to conveniently navigate to the copied Space after it has been generated.


The copied Space contains all of your charts and streams organized the same way as the original Space. It is important to note that charts within the copied Space are copies: updating charts or chart layout in the copied Space will not affect charts or chart layout of the original Space.

We hope you'll find the new Copy Space feature useful — feedback is always welcome: