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Rapid Space Building with Copy Charts


We’ve all been there: you have created a beautiful chart. It is awesome. Now you need to create another chart that is similar but not quite the same, and you realize you’ll have to create it from scratch. Well, we’re pleased to announce that is no longer the case.

Today we are adding the ability to copy individual charts inside or across Spaces. This makes building similar charts much easier and makes transferring views across Spaces super convenient.

To get started, select copy from the menu of your chart: 

If you want, you can give the cloned chart a different name before copying.

You may also copy charts to other Spaces:

The ability to copy charts makes it easy to rapidly compose new overview or peer Spaces from parts of existing ones and also speeds up the common case where you are creating charts that are mostly similar.

At Librato our goal is to give you the most powerful tools to get from raw data to the insights that really matter to you. We hope you enjoy this addition, and appreciate your feedback and feature requests. Let us know what you think: support@librato.com.