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Big Number Thresholds and Metrics Deep Dive

Ben Arent

Big number thresholds let you set a visual indicator on a big number chart. We are offering critical and warning thresholds which can be customized for both going above and going below a numerical threshold. Chart thresholds update in real time, and are a perfect addition to any production spaces you have.

Short of ideas for big number thresholds? Here are a few examples.

Check out a live demo with our Bay Area DMV Wait Time dashboard.

Metrics Deep Dive

Chart looking awry? Use the Metrics Deep Dive view for all chart types.

You’ve set up a big number threshold, and things are all :-( ?  Need to learn more? This is where our newly launched Metrics Deep Dive comes to the rescue. Metrics Deep Dive provides an easier way to view all metrics sources, without having to jump back into the metrics list.

This feature is available for both big number, and line charts. To Deep Dive, double click a chart to bring up the Explore View, then click on any metric name for a deep dive breakout view of that metric.

Thank you for checking out these new features. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them in.