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Ben Sigelman Joins Librato as an Advisor

We're very happy to announce that Ben Sigelman has joined our team as an advisor. Ben spent 9 years at Google conceiving, designing, and implementing systems that provided actionable insights into the operation of massive distributed systems. The first of these, a large-scale distributed systems tracing infrastructure called Dapper, was revealed to the world four years ago in a paper that has quickly joined the recommended reading lists of many distinguished systems engineers.

After Dapper's technology stack stabilized, he moved on to design, staff, and build a mostly-confidential system that provides whitebox monitoring for all Google services. Ben describes it as "a large-scale (~100K process) and high-availability time-series collection, storage, and query system, as well as a configuration and console toolchain layered on top." He's now the founder of an exciting new startup building an anonymous social network

"I spent my last seven years at Google working on high-performance monitoring systems, and over that time I developed a nuanced understand of what works and what doesn't, said Sigelman. In my eyes, Librato has the right vision for this space and a great team to bring those ideas to market. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be involved and very much look forward to this collaboration."

The expertise Ben brings is invaluable as we continue to grow, extend and scale Librato and we couldn't be more excited to work with him.