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Power Up Your AWS Metrics

If there’s an adage that sums up development in the 21st century, it’s this:

“Change is the only constant.”

Today, developers and ops teams must coordinate as a single team, using continuous delivery to deploy, test, QA, run and iterate apps. Teams ship apps on ephemeral infrastructure located not in a cabinet in the back room, but in the cloud—data centers around the world managed by third-party providers, such as Amazon Web Services.

In order to gain a general oversight into your ecosystem and each app, and to make decisions about your infrastructure, you need metrics. Librato has teamed up with AWS to discuss apps in the cloud, and how customers like StatusPage.io CTO and co-founder Scott Klein use CloudWatch metrics as a “source of truth” both for internal performance and as a provider of client’s status pages.

Answers the hard questions.

In the webinar below, we discuss the ins and outs of metrics--and how to add granularity, data visualizations, correlations and long-term insights to AWS so that you don’t just answer the basic questions, but see the whole enchilada.

Metrics are an essential part of the cloud living up to its promise. When you can see into all of your apps and systems, the ideas of seamless scaling, ongoing optimization of apps and cross-platform performance all become reality.

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