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Automatic Clearing of Triggered Alerts

Today we are are happy to announce the next big step in our alerting platform: automatic clearing of triggered alerts. With alert clearing you will now receive a clear notification when the alert is no longer in a triggered state. For threshold and windowed alert conditions, any measurement that has returned to normal levels for a source will clear the alert. For absent alert conditions, any measurement that reappears for the source will clear the alert.

When an alert clears it sends a special “clear” notification. These are handled differently based on the integration. Email, Campfire, HipChat and Slack integrations will see an “alert has cleared” message. For PagerDuty customers, the open incident will be resolved. Webhook integrations will contain a “clear” attribute in the payload. OpsGenie customers will see their open alert closed.

When you view an alert inside the Librato UI you will now see one of two new states at the top of the page. Under normal conditions you will see the alert status highlighted in green to indicate everything is ok:


If the alert has actively triggered and has not cleared yet, it will include a “resolve” button that will manually clear the alert. This can be useful in cases where a source reports a measurement that violates a threshold, but then subsequently stops reporting.

If the conditions of the alert are still actively triggering, the alert will return to the triggered state on the next incoming measurement(s). All triggered alerts are automatically cleared after a period of 10 days if they fail to report any new measurements.

For more information on alerts, check out our Knowledge Base articles. And as always, if you still have questions about this or any of our services, you can find us online in our support chat or email us at