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Apache Server Now Available on Librato

Bryan Mikaelian


Our latest integration - for the most popular web server available,  Apache's HTTP Server - is now available. Apache is a great companion to our NGINX integration and can be used to monitor all your applications - even WordPress sites - running Apache.

Our Librato Agent plugin installs in a few seconds and works with Apache's mod_status module to report metrics on your web server instances. Before you know it, you'll start seeing metrics flowing into your preconfigured dashboard like: 

  • Requests Per Second, Bytes Per Second, and Bytes Per Request
  • The number of idle workers, total processes active and the server’s uptime
  • The statuses of all processes based on mod_status’ score board metrics.

Head over to the integrations tab to set up your Librato Agent, and enable your Apache integration. Our UI will guide you through the steps you need to get up and running in no time, and our support team is always here to help.

If you have not yet tried Librato and you are an Apache user, now is a great time to sign up for the free, full-featured 30 day trial.