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Send Alerts and Snapshots to Slack

We're big fans of the upstart Slack chat platform. It's reinvigorated the group messaging space with an emphasis on the user experience and a rich ecosystem of service integrations. Thankfully, Myles Grant and Jon Crosby collaborated to add the new Slack service for Librato!

To get started, login to your Slack account and then add a new Librato integration with your target channel.


Once this saved, jump over to your Librato account settings page and add the Slack service. Enter a title for the service configuration and the URL provided by Slack. That's all there is to it!


Any alerts that you've configured to send to Slack will now show up in your designated channel. And of course, our Snapshots look fabulous in the Slack feed.

Are there other services you would like to see Librato integrated with? Fork our repo and contribute a service wrapper to librato-services.

For a more detailed look at our Slack integration, please check out our Knowledge Base article here. If you still have questions about this or any of our services, you can find us online in our support chat or email us at