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Better Alerting Insights with Live Overview

Our alerts have featured live status and automatic clearing for some time. However, sometimes looking at a single alert isn't enough. To get context for an outage, you want to track everything that is happening, including everything that is on fire now and what just got fixed.

Today we are happy to announce the release of Live Overview for alerts. We now default to grouping alerts by their current status: Triggered, Recently Resolved (within last 15 minutes) and All Good. This allows you to quickly view the status of all of your alerts in real time, including new alerts as they start firing or are resolved.

Triggered and recently resolved alerts are ordered by the time that they were triggered, making it easy to track progress through an issue or outage. Non-triggered alerts are ordered alphabetically, as they were previously. With this additional context it is easy to catch up with ongoing issues and take action on any alerts as needed.

We’ve found this heads-up overview of alert status quite useful and hope you will too.

For more information on alerts, check out our Knowledge Base articles. As always, if you have questions about this or any of our services, find us in our support chat or email us at