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Service-Side Filtering with Collectd

Our new collectd integration has been hugely popular with users that want an easy way to gather all of their application and system metrics. Precisely because it's so easy to collect a wealth of new data, we also wanted to give users the tools to store only the collectd metrics that they find personally useful. This is why we developed our Service-Side Filtering for collectd.

When adding your new collectd integration you'll notice a list of enabled metrics such as CPU, Memory and Swap. We've whitelisted these collections to give you the most useful system metrics out-of-the-box, but you can disable any that you're not interested in.

If there are any other metrics you wish to include, just add them to the Other Plugins field. Here you can specify entire branches of your collectd tree, or include distinct groups of nodes using wildcards. 

For a more detailed look at our collectd integration and Service-Side Filtering, please check out our Knowledge Base article here. If you still have questions about this or any of our services, you can find us online in our support chat or email us at