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Improved UTC Support

Do you run your servers in UTC and have to calculate the difference from local time every day? Do you have team members spread around a country or between nations where you are constantly having to consider time differences?

At Librato we are a distributed team and we run into this problem frequently. Does 2:13pm mean your time, my time, server time? When someone else refers to a chart you have to be aware of their timezone and then do the mental math to convert to local time or to server time.

No longer. Now you can easily toggle any Librato view into UTC with a single click:

When in local time, all tooltips now display their offset for easier conversion.

If you want to make sure your whole team is always looking at the same time, you can even set an account-level toggle to see UTC by default. Simply visit your account settings and check the box!

Team members can easily switch back into local time per instrument or dashboard if needed.

We've found this feature very helpful and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!