Librato's StatsD backend is now 0.1.0 — Librato Blog

Librato's StatsD backend is now 0.1.0

We've just completed a number of improvements to our StatsD backend for Librato that we thought were worth announcing. Some of the newer features we've added to this release include:

  • You can now specify a unique source name with each metric that's published. This means you can track metrics uniquely even when using a single StatsD server. Thanks to Tom Robinson for this patch.
  • Statsd sets are now supported and published as gauges. 
  • Counters are now published to Librato as gauge metrics. This provides the most flexibility when working with counters. See the upgrade guide when upgrading from an older version.
  • It's now easy to reduce the number of zero-fill measurements sent by StatsD.
  • StatsD can now use a proxy to send metrics to Librato if you're behind a firewall.
  • We now require StatsD version 0.6.0 and Node.js versions 0.8.0 or greater. 

If you are new to StatsD make sure to read our introduction or jump right into the setup and configuration instructions