SF Metrics Meetup: "Monitoring - it's not just for numbers" and "How can devops inspire business analysts, datas scientists, and executives"

The September SF Metrics Meetup was held at Trulia's top floor suite with a view of the SF evening fog. A record 70+ quantifiers showed up to listen to talks by Jeff Weinstein from Groupon and Mikhail Panchenko from Opsmatic.  For those of you who couldn't make it, here are the recordings:

Monitoring - it's not just for numbers

Mikhail Panchenko (@mihasya), Opsmatic

In this talk, Mikhail discusses how our alerts and numbers can be enhanced greatly by adding some context from non-numeric, and non-binary observations. He imagines what our tools might look like if we tried to surround ourselves with helpful contextual information.

How can devops inspire business analysts, datas scientists, and executives

Jeff Weinstein (@jeff_weinstein), Groupon

Operations has created techniques for logging, monitoring, alerting, anomaly detection, and visualization. We’ve been able to measure and understand complex technical systems and help give order to production chaos. In this talk, Jeff discusses, questions, and suggests how we can use these practices to better the other areas within our organizations, strengthen their relationship with operations, and challenge the way the business views devops.

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