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EC2 Instance Tags

Today we're happy to introduce support for EC2 instance tags in our seamless AWS CloudWatch integration. When we import CloudWatch statistics for your EC2 instances, we record them with a source mapped to Amazon's unique instance ID's e.g. us-east-1.i-0076ac73 . While this makes it easy to load any single instance into one of our template dashboards, it's been impossible to load multiple related instances that comprise a cluster or service tier.

We've addressed this by adding intelligent support for EC2 instance tags. If you've set either librato:displayName or Name on an instance, we'll automatically use that value as a source display name i.e. alias. In the case both tags are set, librato:displayName takes precedence. Any changes to the tag's value will be detected and applied automatically.

You can search or wildcard match on either the original instance ID or the human-readable name specified in one of these tags. Whichever value matches your search will be used in the display. Let us know what you think!