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Send Alerts and Snapshots to Flowdock

Do you use the Flowdock collaboration application? If so, you can now send Librato alert notifications and instrument snapshots to your Flowdock team inbox! Flowdock service integration has been added thanks to Colin Curtin.

With Librato service integrations you can setup multiple Flowdock "flows" and send notification to different flows. For example, you might want infrastructure alerts to go to the "Ops" flow and business alerts to go to the "Water Cooler" flow.

Once your service is created and an alert fires you will see a message like this one posted to your Flowdock flow:



You can also snapshot an instrument graph and send it to a Flowdock flow. The instrument graph appears as a PNG right in your flow:


Are there other services you would like to see Librato integrated with? Fork our repo and contribute a service wrapper to librato-services.