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Coda Hale joins Librato as Advisor

I am very happy to announce that Coda Hale (@coda) has joined our team as an advisor.

For many of you Coda needs no introduction: he’s a prominent open source author, blogger, and speaker on monitoring, distributed systems, cryptography and other topics. The release of his Java Metrics library and the accompanying talk Metrics, Metrics, Everywhere at CodeConf 2011 were a watershed moment in the growing practice of custom application metrics.

Almost all of the prominent metric libraries now available in other popular languages (e.g. Ruby, Python, Erlang, Scala, Go, etc.) consider his work a reference implementation.

Coda is also an extremely gifted distributed systems architect/engineer; we already depend on other pieces of his OSS, such as Dropwizard, to run our service.

We are extremely fortunate to have access to Coda's expertise as we continue to grow, extend and scale Librato.