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Heroku add-on now generally available

I’m happy to announce that our Heroku add-on is out of beta and generally available to all Heroku users! The add-on monitors request performance, sql queries, mail handling, and other key statistics of Heroku applications, with no set-up required, and makes it easy to track any additional custom metrics important to the health of the application, such as running totals, average values, and more. You can add it to any application running on Heroku by following these simple instructions.

The add-on makes it easy to collect application level metrics, since it transparently aggregates metrics from multiple dynos into single contiguous, application level data streams. Beyond that it provides all of the capabilities for storage, analysis, alerting and collaboration our service offers.

Pricing of the add-on is determined by the retention period and the sampling frequency of data streams. You can choose between high resolution (10s) and low resolution (60s) plans and different retention periods. We also have a free “Dev” plan with low (60s) resolution and one day retention.

Heroku is one of our best customers, so we’re especially pleased to now have the add-on available for all of Heroku’s users.

Any feedback you might have is -as always- appreciated; feel free to reach out by email or visit us in our chat room at chat.librato.com.