SF Metrics Meetup: "System Heuristics Herald" and "Seeing the Forest for the Trees"

The March SF Metric Meetup featured a talk on the "System Heuristics Herald", aka shh, by Edward Muller (Heroku) and an exploration into some of the fundamental principles of dashboard design with the talk "Seeing the Forest for the Trees" by Joseph Ruscio (Librato).

For those of you who couldn't make it, here are the recordings:

System Heuristics Herald

Edward Muller, Heroku

This talk was an introduction to the System Heuristic Herald. It covered the motivation for writing shh and how it is used at Heroku.

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Joseph Ruscio, Librato

This talk was a dry run for Joe's Monitorama presentation. It explored some of the fundamental principles of designing dashboards, common mistakes, and the appropriate display media for answering different kinds of questions.

SF Metrics Meetups are organized by Librato. If you are interested in speaking at one of the events please contact us.