Redesigned Blog and new Status Page — Librato Blog

Redesigned Blog and new Status Page

Nik Wekwerth

New Blog with Search and Categories

After delivering what I would call a stunningly beautiful new web site (yes, I'm biased) we had to quickly follow up with an update to our blog. Aside from styling it to fit the new design of you will hopefully find that the blog is easier to navigate. We have grouped the blog posts into categories so that you can quickly hone in on new feature releases or Meetup posts for example. To find something more specific you now have the ability to use the new search box.

New Status Page

In an effort to be fully transparent and keep you updated about the status of Librato's service at all times we recently launched

We strongly believe in picking best of breed services rather than building them internally so we went with Getting the page up and running was a breeze and updating incidents is so easy it won't distract us from fire-fighting. Other great features are that you can subscribe to the site feed and the page looks great on anything from a computer screen to an iPhone.