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Improved Correlation Interface

Excited to announce that we've significantly enhanced the process of creating/editing metric correlations (aka instruments)!


We've streamlined the workflow required to (as numbered above):

  1. Find the metrics you want to put on your chart. The previous interface only auto-completed 5 metrics and browsing of any kind was basically impossible. We've replaced it with a filterable, infinite-scroll listing similar to the one found on the main metrics listing.
  2. Add the metrics you found to your chart. The previous interface required you repeat the deficient search mentioned above and submit a form for each metric added. Now you can simply hover over any entry in the metric listing and click the '+' icon to add that metric from all sources (i.e. a default source of '*'). You can do this in rapid succession for any/all metrics in the current listing. If you prefer to add metrics with our dynamic source support by default, you can select that under your account settings.
  3. Change the sources of the metrics already on the chart. The previous interface required you to crudely delete and re-add a metric to a chart if you wanted to change the associated sources. Editing the source of an existing metric is now accessible by clicking on the source name in the chart listing.

We hope you find this new approach to be as big an upgrade as we have, and please don't hesitate to let us know what else we can improve!