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Send Alert Notifications to OpsGenie


Are you an OpsGenie user? You can now forward Librato alert notifications to your OpsGenie account and get notified via SMS, email, mobile push, and phone call whenever an alert fires!

OpsGenie has contributed a new librato-services service integration that forwards alerts to OpsGenie. Just add your OpsGenie customer key and pick a set of recipients (defaults to all) and you're all set.

Once you have setup an OpsGenie service integration and an alert fires, you'll see the following notification on your OpsGenie dashboard:


Click on it to pull up additional details for the alert:


You can then manage the alert's life cycle (acknowledge, take/assign ownership, close, etc.) through the OpsGenie web UX or using their mobile device app.

Are there other services you would like to see Librato Metrics integrated with? Fork our repo and contribute a service wrapper to librato-services.

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