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Graph Integrals

We just added a small feature that should help in situations where you'd like insight both into the trend of a metric as well as the total value or integral of the metric. Consider tracking the number of signups in a SaaS application, where you may be interested both the distributions of signups over time and the total number of signups. Simply navigate to an instrument's attributes tab, and check the box marked Display Integral. The sum of all the y-values in each series will be displayed in the upper-left corner of the graph:


Once configured the integral will also be displayed on the instrument in dashboards and in snapshots. If you have more than one series, the integrals will stack horizontally on the left side of the graph in colors that match their respective series. If you've set a Tooltip Label on a given metric, that will be appended to the number e.g. 232 jobs.