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Alerts and Snapshots in HipChat

Nik Wekwerth


Are you a HipChat user? Then your inter-company chats are about to receive a productivity boost! You will be happy to hear that we have now added HipChat to our list of service integrations with help from Daren from Pipewise.

With Librato service integrations you can set up as many HipChat rooms as you like. For example, you might want infrastructure alerts to go to the "Ops" room and business alerts to go to the "Water Cooler" room. 

Once your service is created and an alert fires you will see a message like this one posted to our room:


That's not all! The service also works with the new snapshots feature. If you want to capture a moment in time of a given graph, you can share a PNG image in a HipChat room. In an instrument view, click on the camera icon and make sure the HipChat service is selected. 


Then simply click on "Take Snapshot" or hit the "s" hotkey and an image of the graph will appear in your HipChat room:


You only have to select the room the first time - the settings will be remembered so that you only have to hit "s" next time. Your HipChat conversations will never be the same! Try it out now and let us know what you think.

Are there other services you would like to see Librato Metrics integrated with? Fork our repo and contribute a service wrapper to librato-services.