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Java Support and the CloudBees Ecosystem

Nik Wekwerth


In a previous blog post we announced that Metrics now provides full support for Java through a language binding and Coda Hale's Java instrumentation library.

We are thrilled that this has now made it possible for us to join the Cloudbees Java PaaS Partner Ecosystem. What makes this even more exciting for us is that Cloudbees is not only a great partner, but also a Librato customer. Here's a quote from Andrew Lee, Cloudbees' VP of Business Development in a press release we just published:

“We are pleased to have Librato join the CloudBees Ecosystem,” said Andrew Lee, vice president of business development, CloudBees. “The goal of our Ecosystem is to provide an array of the most innovative, feature-rich Java services available to CloudBees Platform users. As Librato users ourselves, we can attest to Librato’s ability to keep tabs on all aspects of application-specific health status, post-deployment, providing developers with an easy way to monitor the health of the apps they develop and deploy on the CloudBees Platform.”

Here's a link to the full press release.