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Private Read-Only Dashboard Links

One of our most requested features has been the ability to share a dashboard without providing access to the entirety of your Librato account. Today we're happy to announce the ability to create/manage multiple private dashboard links for each and every dashboard in your account. On any dashboard you want to share, just go to the lower-right corner of the page and click on the Share icon. This brings up a small modal window that enables you to create/copy private, read-only links to the current dashboard:


Each of these links open the dashboard in read-only mode without any need to log into your Librato account. Read-only dashboards cannot add/remove/reorder instruments, nor can they create other read-only links. You can also delete existing tokens, thereby revoking access to a dashboard. Use-cases include safely sharing curated visualizations more broadly in your organization or loading dashboards on more public wall-mounted displays without fear of compromising your account credentials. As a final added bonus, read-only dashboards are super-easy to load on an iPhone!