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SF Metrics Meetup: Riemann | Graphiti | Descartes

Nik Wekwerth

July's SF Metrics Meetup was hosted by Splunk who also were very generous and provided everyone with pizza and beverages - the kegerator was a very nice touch!

We had some fantastic speakers this month: Kyle Kingsbury from Boundary, Aaron Quint from Paperless Post, and Jason Dixon from Github.

For those of you who couldn't make it, here are the recordings of the talks:

Riemann - a network monitoring system.

Kyle Kingsbury - Boundary

Kyle talked about Riemann, an event stream processor for low-latency monitoring of distributed systems--from server status to application metrics. It provides powerful, composable stream primitives and integrates with a variety of monitoring tools.

Graphiti and metrics at Paperless Post.

Aaron Quint - Paperless Post

After giving a brief overview of how they are thinking about metrics at Paperless Post, Aaron talked about Graphiti, what it is, how it works and some cool things you can do with it.


Jason Dixon - Github

Jason Dixon of Github gave a quick demo of his latest project Descartes, a long-term graphing dashboard.

SF Metrics Meetups are organized by Librato. If you are interested in speaking at one of the events please contact us.