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SF Metrics Meetup: Visibility at Heroku | Multitouch Attribution

Nik Wekwerth

On Wednesday, June 6th, we held the 2nd SF Metrics Meetup. Atlassian was the kind host who not only provided an outstanding venue but also brews and sodas. Pizzas were courtesy of Librato.

For those of you who couldn't make it, here are recordings of the talks:

Visibility at Heroku

Mark McGranaghan - Heroku

Heroku runs distributed systems and many apps in a dynamic cloud environment. This talk shows how we use event processing, metrics, graphing, and QoS monitoring to operate these systems. We'll talk about off-the-shelf tools we use, internals services we've developed, and discuss our overall visibility strategy and visibility lessons learned.

Multitouch Attribution

Jeff Wu - Atlassian

How to use Big Data and Hadoop to get a deeper understanding of your marketing funnel.

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