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Date Range Query Parameters

Ever wanted to bookmark your dashboard with a range of more than the last hour? Ever been doing root cause analysis and wanted to paste a Metrics link to one of your colleagues with a custom time range? Starting today you can! We've just added a small feature we expect to deliver a large amount of value, support for customizing the date range of a metric/instrument/dashboard through query string parameters. We'll even set them up for you! Whenever you use the date-picker to modify the displayed interval, we'll use HTML5's replaceState to update your address bar with parameters that reflect the new interval. Just bookmark or copy/paste the link once you're done tweaking the date range!


For those curious about the details, when you select one of our preconfigured intervals, we set the parameter duration to the number of seconds currently being displayed i.e. 3600 for the Last 60 minutes and 10800 for the Last 3 hours. If you select a custom date range, we'll additionally set the parameter end_time to the epoch timestamp at the end of the interval. This denotes that the currently selected range is the duration seconds prior to end_time.