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RailsConf 2012


Need to level up monitoring your Rails application? Coming to RailsConf 2012? Then Librato has you covered with not just one but two detailed sessions: I'll be providing an overview of everything you need to monitor and correlate metrics across all layers of your stack, from business drivers down to server utilization. Matt Sanders is going to follow that up by digging deep into ActiveSupport::Notifications, a powerful instrumentation system built directly into Rails 3.

We'll be walking the halls (look for the guys in the "I <3 Graphs" shirts.), so feel free to hit us up with any other questions you might have. We'll also have stickers and a limited number of t-shirts for any Metricsusers that want to demo their favorite dashboards for us, so be sure to say hi!


Here are links to the presentations:
It's not in production unless it's monitored.
Digging Deep with ActiveSupport::Notifications