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Instagram instruments everything, do you?

You’ve no doubt been following the news about the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook last week. While doing some research to learn more about the company I found two interesting documents from the hand of Mark Krieger, one of the Instagram founders: a blog post and a presentation on scaling Instagram he gave at a recent Airbnb Tech Talk.

Sadly I didn't attend the tech talk, but just going through the slides gave me a pretty good impression of how they went about scaling the company. Particularly near to my heart are the key principles that Mark mentions as characterizing the philosophy by which Instagram operates:

  • Simplicity 
  • Optimize for minimal operational burden
  • Instrument everything

Although there’s obviously more to Instagram’s success than living by these principles, I’m sure it contributed greatly to doing what they did with a very small team. Learning about Instagram further strengthens my belief that by providing our Metrics service we help both young and not so young companies live by these principles.

Smart companies minimize their operational burden by using best of breed services for non core tasks such as chat, project management, customer relationship management, bug tracking, etc. With Metrics we now provide the same possibility for instrumenting all aspects of a company’s operation and we’re seeing some great examples of companies using it just in this manner, such as If you haven't already, give us a try!