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Metrics - the “measure everything” platform

Would you consider building your own Database Management System? Probably not. At Librato we think the same should apply for management of time-series data, which is rapidly becoming abundant.

In the IT world the use of SaaS and PaaS delivery models and continuous deployment make it necessary for service providers to detect and respond instantly to any unforeseen event that may disrupt their service. This means that the data that can alert them of unusual events must be collected on a continuous basis and that the data required to find and fix the root cause of any problems has to be available when they need it. Customer complaints cannot be the first sign of trouble, and there is no time to hunt for details that have not already been collected.

In the physical world availability of small, low cost and low power sensor devices puts us at the front of a wave of new sensor-based monitoring and control applications, commonly referred to as the “Internet of Things”, with applications in health care, agriculture, environmental control of buildings, monitoring the integrity of large structures, etc.

Measure everything is the new principle that the two worlds have in common, which translates into large volumes of time-series data that need to be stored, visualized, analyzed, and -in many cases- acted on.

Metrics is a time-series data management platform, built it from the ground up with an “API first” approach, allowing customers and partners to easily integrate and embed its features at whatever level best fits their needs: data repository, instruments for their own dashboards, or complete dashboards. Partners can programmatically create user accounts and transparently sign their users onto the Metrics platform, resulting in a seamless experience.

Flexible, affordable and simple are the motto's we’ve used in developing the business model for Metrics, which make it easy to adopt and bring “measure everything” within reach of both large and small organization. We charge a modest amount per measurement, provide a 30-day free trial, and charge you monthly for the measurements you’ve sent us.

Ecosystem: In the IT space our goal is to build a community and ecosystem around Metrics, with tools and applications that customers can use to monitor and manage their cloud and data center infrastructures. In other markets we’ll work with partners who use Metrics as a platform for solutions they provide to their customers.