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Announcing: Librato Office-Hours

If you could have lunch once a month with the engineers behind the SaaS applications you rely on, what would you talk with them about?  Would you discuss interface design, or poke them about a support request?  Would you use the forum to brainstorm about new ideas, and furthering the state of the art in their particular domain? Would you ask about how other people are solving common use-cases with their product?

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Ben Sigelman Joins Librato as an Advisor

We're very happy to announce that Ben Sigelman has joined our team as an advisor. Ben spent 9 years at Google conceiving, designing, and implementing systems that provided actionable insights into the operation of massive distributed systems. The first of these, a large-scale distributed systems tracing infrastructure called Dapper, was revealed to the world four years ago in a paper that has quickly joined the recommended reading lists of many distinguished systems engineers.

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Interview of Mike Heffner on Planet Cassandra

Nik Wekwerth Company News


On August 14th, our very own Mike Heffner had the pleasure of chatting with Matt Pfeil, Co-Founder of DataStax, a company that distributes and supports a version of Apache Cassandra. Cassandra is a NoSQL Database Management System that we use at Librato for our time series data store. 

Mike shared some tidbits about Cassandra, our use case and how we monitor Cassandra rings using the JMX Beans tap script

Read the whole interview on the C* Community Blog.