DevOps Across the Enterprise:
Moving Past "Dev" and Ops"

DevOps Across the Enterprise: <br>Moving Past "Dev" and Ops"

In his first post for Librato, Director of Operations and DevOps Evangelist Dave Mangot introduces current and evolving thinking around DevOps across the Enterprise. You can follow Dave at @DaveMangot.

Last year, when talking to Patrick Debois about what the organizers of DevOpsDays Belgium were looking for in a talk, he told me he wanted to have conversations that move the movement forward. Having just finished a stint at a major enterprise corporation, Dave Zwieback suggested I talk about what it’s like to try and do DevOps at scale. This is my attempt to combine those two ideas...

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Collector Highlight Series: JMXTrans

In its own words, JMXTrans is: "the missing connector between speaking to a JVM via JMX on one end and whatever logging/monitoring/graphing package that you can dream up on the other." JMXTrans acts as a glue-layer between an application and various monitoring and metrics tools that make use of that data. It can be a great fit for you if you need to export metrics from any sort of JVM Application into your Librato account.

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